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We know what goes into a successful event, and believe that besides our excellent facilities, we have the three key elements that you will truly value:

  • Flexibility to configure our facilities and services to fit your needs
  • Host multicultural events effectively
  • Highly skilled events managers and service teams

Our large and dynamic venue offers you a platform to create a variety of themes and unleash your creativity and our team will assist you all the way. We are very proud of our excellent reputation in the market and we love what we do.


Asian Wedding Venue

We work with clients from all cultures and are experts in hosting all manner of events including Asian functions as we are one of the best loved Asian wedding venues in Leeds & West Yorkshire. Our in-house catering team can create any style of menu for your big event including a Guajarati wedding menu, Muslim wedding menu, Punjabi menu or any Asian Fusion. We also have fantastic relationships with a number of Kosher caterers who regularly use our facilities for Jewish Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs.

Highly Skilled

Event Managers & Service Teams

We understand that on the day of your event you need to rely on us to make sure all your months of meticulous planning and preparation come together. Every member of our staff is highly trained to ensure that we deliver the event you have planned – from the person who greets you at the door, to the music technicians, the catering staff and your allocated event manager.

You can put your trust in us. Speak to a member of our team to find out just how we can help make your event exceptional.

Flexibility to

Configure our Venue & Services

Being a dedicated conference, exhibitions and events venue without fixed seating means we can rearrange our spaces to suit you – easily creating the events, exhibition or reception areas you need. Our flexibility extends to our catering, music, DJ's and IT – enabling us to help you create the best possible event within your budget.

Wedding Venue Hire

For All Traditional Ceremonies

As one of the popular Asian wedding venues in Leeds, we are well versed in all the traditional ceremonies and can support our clients throughout the entire day. There are plenty of places for you and your guests to park their cars. Car parking spaces are available on the forecourt of the building. These spaces can be reserved for the host family or particular guests.

Picture Perfect


Venue Booking

Make any Occasion Unforgettable

Speak to our one of our specialist event planners, who can provide you with availability dates.

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